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  Angkor 2004
The first Cambodian car ever made! See it, and then you’ll appreciate it!
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    Cambodian hand-made Car : Angkor 2004 :

Nhean Pholet’s launch of Angkor 2003 last year made him the first ever Cambodian automobile genius who designed, hand-made, and assembled second hand car parts into a road worthy sleek but dashing two-seater convertible.

Pholet invested four months of his time to produce Angkor 2003. The project costed him US$900. A year later, Nhean Pholet, brought pride to Cambodia yet again and amazed the world by rolling in Angkor 2004.


Angkor 2004 is a stylish 2 doors lime green convertible, the local press admitted that she is a head-turner for the avid car “connoisseur” market of modern Cambodia where elegance and comfort strongly dictate the growing automobile market.

Angkor 2004 is the by product of a family passion in automobile innovation. Pholet and his daughter Leakhena teamed up together to come up with a bolder profile, stylish headlamps defined by lines steeply slanted toward the car main body, every detail of the rear section is an eye catcher, combining elegance with sportiness. It took the team 14 months and they invested US$ 2,700 to realize their dream.

The interior layout is the fruit of the optimal distribution of space for driver and passenger’s comfort including headroom and legroom. Once on board, passenger and driver alike feel “at home” in an elegant, refined environment.

Interior features:

- Luxurious hand sewn front and back seats fitted massage devices
- State-of-the-art built-in radio and VCD digital sound system
- Foldable back seat to enable extra luggage or cargo load
- 2 steps canvas roof coverage i.e. half open or all open.
- Fully airconditioned.


Engine features:

- 3 cylinder, 12-valve, 660cc reconditioned second-hand Suzuki engine.

- Maximum expected speed performance 100 km/hour

- 50 litrs fuel-tank

- Fuel consumption: 7ltrs/100 kms  


Facts and expectations of the inventor of Angkor series: In a downtown garage next to a car-wash business, mainly managed by his wife which brings the family daily income, Pholeouk, a self taught mechanical technician embarked upon a daring, but yet challenging hobby which producing home-made car using second-hard spare parts and reconditioned engine.

Much of the car body exterior and interior features are also self-designed by his daughter Leakhena. Just like her father, Leakhena is a self taught designer with no formal background in professional design work.  

The Angkor II is made almost entirely by hand using scrap metal and old parts, for example, the lights came from a 1998 Toyota Corolla and Nhean Pholeouk thinks the floor pan came from a Camry. But his convertible is much more than just an engine and wheels.

Nhean Pholet shared his long range vision of the Angkor series with the local press and the Phnom Penh Post report (September 24 - October 7, 2004), reported him saying "I am very interested to meet any investors who want to be my partners to establish a modern assembly plant to scale up Angkor car production.

I don't care about the location or their nationality. Wherever or whoever makes my business operate, I am very pleased to join with them." ”I am not fully conversant automobile production, whether it's a robot-assembly line or a small factory building to hand-make cars, there may be lots of practical/financial as well as technical considerations to explore in order to turn the Angkor model into a marketable product.

My dream is to be able to share with the world Cambodian flair for automobile originality and ingenuity. That was the driving motivating factor which led me to produce the Angkor series” And who knows, maybe Bangkok Airways will offer a partnership but with the stipulation that the company builds its own roads and doesn't let anyone else drive on them...

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