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  Khmer Grape Wine
Amatak Prasat Phnom Banorn Grape Wine by Chan Thay Chhoeung
  Khmer Silks
Dark yellow silk for Monday. Tuesday is purple. Red for Sunday. Khmer silks...
   About Us :

Khmer Product Promotion - KPP is a web-based project of Khmer Product Promotion (KPP) initiated and established by a group of young Cambodian students. It was first launched in January 2004 and updated since then. The group dedicated to promote all Khmer products on the internet. Khmer symbolizes the Cambodian native language, and the ethnic identity of Cambodian people. Khmer products, therefore, refer to all products which are made by Cambodian people or manufactured within Cambodia using local labor force.

Our main mission is to raise awareness among international arena as well as to enable and increase consumers' access to Khmer products and services. The KPP (Khmer Product Promotion) web-based project will allow internet users worldwide to explore, to view and to order all available Khmer products at the touch of a button via internet-connected personal computer or other devices.  Users can easily get quick quotes of product price whenever they want. No matter where you are, all Khmer products are always with you, as long as you can access an internet. provides a dynamic and up-to-date commercial databank of all Khmer made products . KPP team will continuously network to gather information about Khmer products which are listed by category and updated into specific product groups within the website. With voluntary assistance from Cambodian university students and technical support from Cambodian students in USA, France, Japan, and Canada, KPP is proud to collect homemade products including agricultural products, handicrafts and original products made from Cambodian unique natural resources, both from urban and rural areas by using youth and professionals as networking agents.

KPP aims are to enable all Khmer products to have a window of opportunity within the international market. On-line marketing and shopping of Khmer products provide high-tech opportunity to Cambodian manufacturers and craftsmen to access worldwide potential buyers. KPP, in collaboration with local and international NGOs, will interface Cambodian human resources with Cambodian natural resources to enhance Khmer products to reach international quality. is self funded and self operated by the founding KPP team in its initial phase.  KPP's overheads costs such as utilities, stationery, technical expertise and web hosting are currently borne by the founding team. In order to sustain our commitment to help Khmer products to reach the international market, more additional costs may be incurred.

KPP therefore warmly welcome sponsors' contributions when utilizing our website to post your advertisements.

To feature your advertisement in ,   please visit our website or contact us direct at the address below:

NPO Cambodia main office:
Khmer Product Promotion - KPP Project
Nº 110, St 470, Sangkat Toul Tumpoung III,
Khan Chamcar Morn,Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Tel: 855 12 921 962, 12 222 013

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Buying Khmer Products is a way to enhance and  promote Cambodian Standard of Living
KPP Team for Web-Based Project

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