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Subject :  Local Products Online
Comment :  Local products made by local people of Cambodia now can be found online from the internet where you can browse to find your favorite stuff at : Here , but unfortunately I didnt find an online ordering availble yet, you can email or phone to order, hopfully the onine shopping system will available soon as any easy tool for customers.

www.Khmer is a web-based project of Khmer Product Promotion (KPP) initiated and established by a group of young Cambodian students. It was first launched in January 2004 and updated since then. The group dedicated to promote all Khmer products on the internet. Khmer symbolizes the Cambodian native language, and the ethnic identity of Cambodian people. Khmer products, therefore, refer to all products which are made by Cambodian people or manufactured within Cambodia using local labor force.

__ letís enjoy finding yours favorite products from Cambodia, as giving support to Cambodain people!

You are invited to see and express your further ideas at Thank you!

Posted by: Khmerak Blog   On: 2006-01-12   From: Cambodia  
Reply :    Local Products Online

Subject :  Great design...
Comment :!!! It's great to see new update of your website. I'm very impressive with what you have done for Cambodian people. I would like to express my appreciation to your efforts to help develop Cambodia. From me, LoveKhmer!!!
Posted by: LoveKhmer   On: 2005-12-27   From: Cambodia  
Reply :    Great design...

Replied by: LoveYOU   On: 2006-01-06   From: Cambodia   
  Oh...yab nas. Althought it looks good, but it's not easy to post in your bulletin. Please make better!
Replied by: Sreyjas_TeSros   On: 2005-12-28   From: Cambodia   
  Yeah LoveKhmer! See step by step, is step toward to the international standard. The same thing as Cambodian products, when they have opportunity to show up to the clients, then they will have chance to improve their quality and quantity to reach international standard. I'm one of Cambodian producers, would like to thanks so much for KPP team for their initiative to help promote our local products. I'd like to take this opportunity to wish all KPP members with a very Happy New Year 2006.

Subject :  Need Mobile software
Comment :  i think khmer should help khmer, so if someone know the best web site that can download full software for mobile,please post it for me.
thanks for someone that can help me.
Posted by: chanda   On: 2005-12-22   From: Cambodia  
Reply :    Need Mobile software

Replied by: chanda   On: 2005-12-23   From: Cambodia   
  All Nokia serial.
Replied by: Sitha   On: 2005-12-22   From: Cambodia   
  Well, You can try this web site:

Merry Christmas and Happy new year!

Replied by: Sitha   On: 2005-12-22   From: Cambodia   
  Hi Chanda, can you give us more details? what kind of software mobile?

Subject :  Oh...great website
Comment :'s really great initiative actually. I'm sure guys could do business by this concept. However, I think your team are really playing important role to promote our local products. I wish this activities to get success for our country development. Please keep your hard working for the country.
Posted by: Chan-Khmer   On: 2005-12-21   From: Cambodia  
Reply :    Oh...great website

Subject :  Comment on Job Opportunity
Comment :  Dear to KPP team

I have some comment on job Opportunity, it's difficult to add many positiion in one company.
for example if my company want to add many position on it, i have to add one by one, so i want ur tean to make many text box on position text box.
Posted by: Yuri group   On: 2005-12-13   From: Cambodia  
Reply :    Comment on Job Opportunity

Replied by: KPP Team   On: 2005-12-20   From: Cambodia   
  Dear Yuri Group,

Thank you very much for your quick response. We are sure that there are weak points of our website. But we are trying our best to make it better from day to day now. For Team Room registration, we don't think it's neccessary for this Bullentin Board since we want to open to public to post their comments. However, we always take your comments or suggetions into our technical meeting to improve our website. Thank you very much for your contructive comments and suggestions.
KPP Team.
Replied by: Yuri Group   On: 2005-12-19   From: Cambodia   
  I think in Bulletin Board should have Team Room registration that make easy for someone who want to talk or share their idea for their team only.

Replied by: KPP Team   On: 2005-12-18   From: Cambodia   
  Dear Yuri group and Me too,

Thank you very much for your very useful contructive comments. Our team is trying the best to update and modify to make it better and easier for the use as soon as possible. From the bottom of our heart, we are really approciated your comments both posting on board or directly to us.

Further information, please feel free to contact us: House #110, Street 470, Toul Tom Poung2, Chamcar Mon, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
Tel: 855 12 889 808, 12 222 013
Thank you,
KPP Team

Replied by: ME too   On: 2005-12-18   From: Cambodia   
  Yes Yuri Group, I found that problem too. A long with this I would like KPP taem to modify as soon as possible...
Look forward to see your new style

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