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Subject :  Seller's Advertisement page
Comment :  Dear KPP,

I have posted my personal advertisement on your seller's advertisement page. But I have seen something wrong since the image you requested is not displayed. Moreover, you should tell us the fix size of height and width in order to make sure the picture is good to display. Please check it again. Oh...I love this site very's very good initiative to bring Khmer products to international markets. Wish you good luck and keep it going!!!
Posted by: Internet User   On: 2005-10-12   From: Cambodia  
Reply :    Seller's Advertisement page

Replied by: Webmaster   On: 2005-10-12   From: Cambodia   
  Dear Internet User,

Thank you very much for your interest in using free our service. According to our technical problem, we would like to apologize for any convenience of dispaying image on seller's advertisement. We just have checked up the image, then we already fixed immediately for the posted image. Our technical group will try all the best to fix it very soon. Thank you very much for your comments and suggestions. KPP team would like to thank you very much for your interest in using our website. Further information or comment, please feel free to contact at
Thank you

Subject :  Seller Adv
Comment :  Dear KPP,

First, i appreciate your effort very much. And thanks that you allow us a chance to promote the products even we are seller or buyer.

I have visited your site, and try promoting some products. But more thing i want is some space for showing product picture. Can you allow us some space for this need?

Anyway, wish your work success.

Appreciate and support all your affort!!!

Posted by: Khmer   On: 2005-10-06   From: Cambodia  
Reply :    Seller Adv

Replied by: KPP Team   On: 2005-10-06   From: Cambodia   
  Dear Khmer,

Thank you very much for your comment. KPP team is really happy to see our services are satisfied by the users. According to you suggestions as well as other user's, KPP team has just already modified the seller's advertisement page to add more space for product's picture. The page is going to be displayed by this weekend. KPP team would take this opportunity to inform all users who had posted in seller's advertisement page to feel free to modify your advertisement by adding your product picture. Further information about the change, please do not hesitate to contact us at
Thank you so much for using our services.
KPP Team

Subject :  Cambodian products fair in Siem Reap
Comment :  Quality Cambodian products, including handicrafts, organic food, Khmer cuisine, other food and home products will be showcased at a fair in Siem Reap on 13-14 August. Experience a feast of Khmer culture – traditional art performances, music, theatre, Ayai Chlong Chleoy (poetic singers) and Chapey (two-stringed Khmer mandolin) from 9 am to 9 pm .

Buy Cambodian Products! aims to display Cambodia ’s quality products to the local and international community. Cambodian products can compete well and fairly in today’s global environment. Key messages of the product fair will be seen on streamers along the main streets of Siem Reap: Buy Cambodian Products, Create More Jobs for Cambodians! We offer Competitive Quality and Competitive Price! More Jobs, Better Services! Buy Cambodian, Save Cambodians!

Promoting and buying Cambodian products allows local entrepreneurs to find and expand their markets. It also boosts the national economy and creates jobs for Cambodians.

Visit the producers’ workplace. Observe the life and work of Cambodian producers by joining a tour to visit local communities in the outskirts of Siem Reap.

The event is organized by the International Labour Office, through its Projects on Informal Economy, Poverty and Employment (IEPE) and Integrated Support to Small Enterprise Development (ISED) in collaboration with the NGO Coalition to Address Sexual Exploitation of Children in Cambodia (COSECAM). It will be held during 13-14 August 2005, at the Garden of the Raffles Grand Hotel d’ Angkor, Siem Reap.

For more information:

In Phnom Penh :

Mr. Tun Sophorn, tel: +855 12 854 771

or Mr. Sok Somith, tel: +855 12 789 173

In Siem Reap:

Mr. Thong Phirum of COSECAM, tel: +855 12 672 498.

Quoted from ILO << 2005 Press Releases

Posted by: Cambodian product support   On: 2005-10-04   From: Cambodia  
Reply :    Cambodian products fair in Siem Reap

Subject :  screen size
Comment :  hi,

i visite the page regularly. you've done good work so far. i've a suggestion about the size of the window. it would be good if the size of your homepage screen same as the size of the window. i find it's unattractive and a bit hard to adjust my eyes.

Posted by: champei   On: 2005-09-19   From: Cambodia  
Reply :    screen size

Replied by: KPP Team   On: 2005-09-19   From: Cambodia   
  Dear Champei
Thank you very much for your suggestion and your interest in our website. The screen size of's page is 800x600. It's a fixed size window which is the best view in the 800x600 windows of Microsoft Internet Exporer.
We are not sure at the moment whether we have to upgrade to dynamic screen solution based on detected browser. We are taking your suggestion into our workplan to upgrade the website for better serve in the future.
Thank you very much for your regular visit our website and we are happy to get your feedbacks.
KPP Team

Subject :  Cambodia ranks near bottom of list on business climate
Comment :  PHNOM PENH, Sept. 15 (Xinhuanet) -- Cambodia is a difficult place to start a business in terms of time and money, according to a report of the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation(IFC).

The report entitled "Doing Business in 2006" compared Cambodia's business environment to those of 155 other countries.

And the report found Cambodia ranked 133 out of 155 countries in terms of having a favorable environment for starting new businesses. Cambodia lags behind 20th-ranked Thailand and 99th-ranked Vietnam, but leads Laos, which comes in at 147th, according to the World Bank and IFC report received on Thursday.

The report, however, praised Cambodia cutting registration fee and reduced the minimum capital required to start a business.
In August 2004, the Ministry of Commerce reduced the business registration fee from 635 US dollars to 177 dollars. The minimum capital requirement was also reduced from 5,000 dollars 1,000 dollars.
Local newspaper Rasmei Kampuchea on Thursday quoted Adam Sack, IFC's general manager of the Mekong Private Sector Development Facility, as saying that while the country ranks 133rd on the scale, the government has carried out major reforms in its business sector in 2004 and 2005.
But Adam Sack also said despite the reduction of fees and a decreased registration period from 30 days to 10.5 days, the country still has higher rates compared to neighboring countries. But it shows the government's commitment to improving the country's business climate, he said.
Coralee McLeish, the economist who authored the report, said that over the last year, the Commerce Ministry's registrition reform was the only one completed by the Cambodian government.
The needed reforms are not costly, but do require political will, said Coralee McLeish.
Meanwhile, the World Bank and IFC report noted that poor countries like Laos and Cambodia are reforming far more slowly than rapidly developing nations in Eastern Europe.
The annually published report gives policymakers the ability to measure regulatory performance in comparison to other countries, learn from the best practices globally, and prioritize reforms. Now in its third year, the report has already had an impact on business environment reforms around the world, the newspaper said.
Quoted from 2005-09-15 14:18:28
Posted by: Cambodian Business Watchdog   On: 2005-09-15   From: cambodia  
Reply :    Cambodia ranks near bottom of list on business climate

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