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Subject :  Cambodia, on their way to full economic recovery
Comment :  Following are excerpts from the ambassador's message on the occasion of the 52nd National Day of Cambodia on Nov. 9. - Ed.

By Lim Samkol

Cambodian ambassador

Cambodia is now a peaceful country and is on the road of recovery after more than three decades of war and armed conflicts that ravaged the country.

Because of the war from 1970-1975, the country's economy almost collapsed. The rehabilitation process started since 1979 and has been more developed after the general elections in 1993. Now we have seen numerous economic, social and political reforms.

In July 2004, our government issued an economic policy agenda aptly called the "Rectangular Strategy" for Growth, Employment, Equity and Efficiency concentrating on good governance, peace and political stability, partnership in development, poverty reduction, favorable economic environment, and the integration of Cambodia into the region and the world. Cambodia is now a member of ASEAN and also a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO).

The government has strived in maintaining the macroeconomic stability with the agricultural sector and the development of tourism as its main priorities.

As reflected in the key economic indicators for the year 2005, Cambodia's macroeconomic situation is stable with a growth rate of 6.3 percent. The tourism sector, garment exports and construction activities still play an important role in improving the unprecedented growth of 2005.

The government is trying to promote a market infrastructure and deregulation by adopting the concession law that allows private participation in the development of infrastructure, the establishment of provincial-municipal sub-committee on investment, the SME development framework, the establishment of Special Economic Zones.

Regarding the relationship between Cambodia and the Republic of Korea, I would like to say that the two countries and its people share a number of things in terms of culture and history. At present, many Koreans are curious about our culture and our nature. Since the reopening of our Embassy here in 2001, the number of Korean tourists visiting Cambodia has been increasing rapidly. From January to September 2005, the figure has reached 160,559.

We would like to welcome more investors from Korea and around the world to visit and look for business opportunities in Cambodia.

2005.11.21, quoted from

Posted by: Cambodia   On: 2005-11-21   From: Cambodia  
Reply :    Cambodia, on their way to full economic recovery

Subject :  Cambodia's Economy's Growth Rate Slows Down
Comment :  Chun Sakada report(922KB)

Cambodia's economical growth rate goes down nearly 3% this year compared to last year, due to internal and external problems, and the poverty level has not changed substantially, according to the Cambodia Economy Institute's (CEI) statement on Cambodia's economical data.

The CEI president, Mr. Sok Hach, told VOA that the economical growth is down from 7.7% in 2004 to 5% in 2005. He said that the growth increases 6-7%, but the gas price is higher, the fertilizer price rose, and transportation is up, so the income is not coming in too fast.

The World Bank's economist in Phnom Penh said that the economical growth rate decreases to 6.1% from 7%.

Mr. Keo Remy, opposition Sam Rainsy party legislator, criticizes this fall saying it is due to corruption and judicial unfair practices.

Quoted from VOA report

Sakada Chun, VOA

Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Posted by: Cambodia   On: 2005-11-05   From: cambodia  
Reply :    Cambodia's Economy's Growth Rate Slows Down

Subject :  New specialized bank opens in Cambodia
Comment :  PHNOM PENH, Oct. 26 (Xinhuanet) -- Cambodia's small and medium enterprises will have a new specialized bank for loans to develop and strengthen their businesses in the agriculture, industry and services sector, a bank owner said here on Wednesday.

The new bank, First Investment Specialized Bank, opened last weekend, will offer numerous finance-related credit and loan serves to small and medium enterprises.

"There are a lot of SMEs and they need a lot of finance," bank owner, Chairman Huot Vanthan told Xinhua, adding that his bank is the fourth "specialized" bank in Cambodia.

"Our lending will cover 15 areas including food processing, investment and infrastructure as well as personal consumer, but we don't accept deposits from the public," he said.

"I strongly believe that the bank will be a good development partner to all small and medium enterprises as well as to the royal government of Cambodia in an effort to reduce poverty," he added.

Huot Vanthan has invested 3.8 million dollars of his own money in the bank. According to the Banking Law, specialized banks need at least 2.5 million US dollars in capital. They are allowed to offer loans, accept deposits or provide payment services, but not to engage in more than one of these activities. Enditem
Quoted from:

Posted by: Cambodian Business Watchdog   On: 2005-10-27   From: Cambodia  
Reply :    New specialized bank opens in Cambodia

Subject :  CAMBODIA: Cambodia pledges free Khmer software by 2006
Comment :  CAMBODIA: Cambodia pledges free Khmer software by 2006

Government hopes to stave off Microsoft monopoly, promote Khmer language with open source software

South China Morning Post

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

By Matt Reed

Phnom Penh --- Staving off a possible Microsoft monopoly and promoting Khmer-language computing are the driving ideas behind a Cambodian government project that promises to bring free Khmer software to Cambodian computers by next year.

Open source software is being translated into Khmer by software developers at Open Forum of Cambodia, a non-government organisation in Phnom Penh that is working with the government on the project.

A Khmer version of software programs -- which can run on Microsoft Windows and includes programs similar to Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point -- is being tested and has been distributed to more than 1,000 computers around the country, according to Noy Shoung, the official responsible for promoting the software.

The software, available through, is joined by a Khmer-language version of the Firefox internet browser and the Thunderbird e-mail software program.

The benefit for young Cambodians from the countryside who hope to get a high-paying office job is that they no longer have to spend months learning English before sitting down for computer lessons.

It will also be much easier to teach government officials to use computers, said Noy Shoung, the deputy secretary-general of the National Information Communications Technology Developments Authority.

Javier Sola, the co-ordinator of Open Forum's Khmer Software Initiative, said: "How can you computerise the government if not everyone speaks English? You cannot run a government on a foreign language."

Cambodia, which is struggling to recover from decades of war and turmoil, has about one computer for every 1,000 people, according to an estimate by the International Telecommunication Union.

Cambodia joined the World Trade Organisation last year. The expectation that it will eventually begin enforcing intellectual property laws means that cheap, pirated software might not be as easy to obtain in Cambodia in the future.

Another important issue is that Microsoft has no plans to translate its new operating system software, due out at the end of 2006, into Khmer, said Keo Sophorn, a software programmer at Open Forum.

"Microsoft is good, but on the other hand, it is very expensive. So it is not suitable for our own society," he said. "And open source software is comparable to Microsoft."

Part of Open Forum's role in the project is to come up with a Khmer computer glossary that expands the meaning of Khmer words to fit into technical terms, rather than using English words that are more difficult for Cambodians to memorise.

That is what makes the project as much cultural as it is technical, Mr Sola said. It is partly about fending off foreign words and maintaining the Khmer language, he said.

A copy of the government's master plan for promoting open source shows the government hopes to install a Khmer-language Linux open source operating system, which would run in place of the Microsoft Windows operating system, by next year. Government computers would then be completely free of Microsoft.

Government officials were trained in April on the software in Stung Treng province, near the Laos border. Most officials who attended the training were already familiar with computers, "so it was easy for them to learn," said Ourn Bora, chief of cabinet for Stung Treng's provincial government.

"This is about national dignity to see Khmer script on a computer. It is historical," he said.

But if open source does not catch on with computer users, at least the government will have a card to play with Microsoft if it ever decides to enter the Cambodian market, Mr Sola said.

"With open source, you have nothing to lose," he said. "When you have choice, you have power. You can negotiate with Microsoft, which no country has ever done."

Date Posted: 10/25/2005 - - - Quoted from
Posted by: Khmer   On: 2005-10-25   From: Cambodia  
Reply :    CAMBODIA: Cambodia pledges free Khmer software by 2006

Subject :  Buy Cambodian Products!
Comment :  Buy Cambodian Products!

A product fair in Battambang City

October 16 – 18, 2005

Promoting and buying Cambodian products allows resident entrepreneurs to find and expand their markets. It also boosts the national economy and creates jobs for Cambodians.

Quality Cambodian products, including handicrafts, organic food, Khmer cuisine and other food and houseware products will be showcased at a fair in Battambang City during the Battambang Water Festival from 16 – 18, October.

Buy Cambodian products! calls the attention of Cambodian and the international community to the competitive quality of domestic products. The event shows that Cambodian products can compete well and fairly in today’s competitive global environment. It delivers the following messages: Made in Cambodia! Buy Cambodian Products, Create More Jobs for Cambodians! We offer Competitive Quality and Competitive Price! More Jobs, Better Services! Buy Cambodian, Save Cambodians!

While shopping, enjoy free traditional art performances: you will be regaled with music, theatre, and traditional Yi Ke, from 9 in the morning until 10 at night. In addition, you can observe the life and work of Cambodian producers by joining a tour to visit local producer communities in the outskirts of Battambang City.

Book your ticket to Battambang City now!
The event is organized by the International Labour Office (ILO), through its project on Integrated Support to Small Enterprise Development(ISED) in collaboration with the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Energy. It will be held from 16-18 October 2005, at the western Steung Sangke river side (Neak Pon roundabout) in Battambang City.

For more information:

Phnom Penh: Mr. Sok Somith, tel: 012 789 173

or Mr. Puth Keat, tel: 012 933 501 (

Battambang: Mrs. Ho Dany, tel: 012 589 545

Posted by: KPP Supporters   On: 2005-10-19   From: Cambodia  
Reply :    Buy Cambodian Products!

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