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    Amatak Prasat Phnom Banorn Grape Wine :

The First Khmer Grape Wine Produced
Based on Khmer Standard in accordance to Parks
No. 214 dated 29 March 2005

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     Prasat Phnom Banoen Grape Wine is the first ever wine locally produced in Cambodia in which breeds
  of grape are imported from various conuntries such as, USA, Australia and French. With our hard work,
  it was first planted in Chan Thay Chhoeung Plantation Lot.

  Both my spouse and I, who are from Banorn district, Battambong Province, have technically upgraded this wine to good one. Prasat Phnom Banorn was branded as it is representing a khmer product. Quality testing, pricing, marketing and free testing distribution services have been provided to the publics including villagers, authorities, local and international tourist, civil servants and businessmen, especially, during the Royal Ploughing Ceremony which was held on 26, May 2005 during the product exhibition at the Hotel Cambodiana etc. that eventually enable us to launch the product to the market. With more than 5
  years experience of which plating and producing methods were imported from Europe and Asia, Prasat
  Phnom Banorn Grape Wine was virtually appeared.

      What do want to know about this wine?
  Currently, 400 grape trees were planted in Chan Thay Chhoeung Planation
  from which grape wine is produced with good quality according to the
  national standard. At the same time , plantation is gradualluy expended.
  - New technology has been studied while planting grape trees including the
  use of natural fertilizer that leads to more product of grape and high quality
  of wine.

  - plastic barrels have technically used in order to keep hidden and ripening the grape under a
  considerable temperature.
  - Ripenng the grape shall take at least a period of 5 months though a monthly rolling technique, by doing
  this makes the wine obviously clear and smell good from which it produces substantial flavor, hygiene
  and safety for drinking.

  -Before bottling, to get through decanting machine that possessess a smallest holes filter (smaller than 0.5 micro) which has a role of preventing from bacteria and mold effectively, according to the technology from Canda.
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