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  Organic and Home-grown in Cambodia
Cambodia is an agricultural nation and a staggering 80 percent of the populations are farmers. However surprisingly, most of the vegetables the...
  Khmer Kam Chroch
That may sound frightening, but this are not like the missiles that kill people, because it is when Cambodians organize special ceremonies...
    Amatak Prasat Phnom Banorn Grape Wine :
  - Bottles are sterilized by streaming prior to bottling the wine and technically used Pasteur mehtod for the
  finished product. This is to keep the quality of wine for a long period and no time limit. The longer it is
  kept, the better quality of wine we obtain.
     What are the adventages of Prasat Phnom Banorn Wine?
  - Drink one or two glasses of wine during meal regularly will help digesting, blood
  vessel functioning, feeling and sleeping well, as well as preventing you from
  Cholesterol diseases.
  - It help those who carry diabetes
  - Make yourself fresh
  - Can be used as an ingredient, which makes the food testier ect.Prasat Phnom
  Banorn Grape Wine is produced from pure grape that has been well breeded in
  Chan Thay Chhoeung plantation lot. Through production program together with the
  hygiene place make the wine obviosly delicious.
  Immortaity: Grape Wine is a Kmer homemade product, which is produced to help
  improve living conditions of all khmer peoples that certainly lead to One Village,

    Produced by Chan Thay Chhoeung Plantation Lot No. 72, Group 6, Batsala Village, Cheuteal Commune,
  Banorn District, Battambang Province.
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