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   NEM of Kratie province

A product from north east province of Cambodia!

If you want to discover the best of Cambodia, nature and wildlife of the Mekong River, why not in Kratie province. It's located in northeastern Cambodia . It may take about 6 hours to travel by car from Phnom Penh to Kratie town (315km) crossing the National Road 6, 7 and 13. The Mekong River is extremely beneficial to crop and rice cultivation of the farmers in Kratie province. Furthermore, tourists could travel by boat or speedboat to view the nature and living along the Mekong River Bank. More importantly, Irrawaddy dolphins, mainly known as PHSAUT in Khmer, can be viewed at Kampi pool in Kampi Village , Sambok commune, Sambok district 15km north of Kratie City.

While arriving at Kratie, you would not miss to buy the tasteful Nem, roll made of hashed fish meat wrapped and cooked in banana leaves, for your families, friends, or colleagues. NEM can be eaten as a snack or with rice according to one's interest. Some people who prefer eating NEM said NEM in Kratie is tastier than that in Battambang. Thus, let's see how NEM is made in Kratie province.

In Kroko Village , 3km north of Kratie town, Aunty MEX told us about how to make NEM. She produced NEM for sale as a family business with the help of her daughter and two sons whenever they are free from their study. She said she could make NEM with an average 500 per day and it costs 100 Riel per NEM. However, she could make more than that depending on the customers' demand. First, we have to ensure that all ingredients are ready to be used for making NEM.

The main element of NEM is fish meat; kind of fish depends on the fish availability and one's interest. The other ingredients are toasted rice, ginger, stargooseberry leaves, banana leaves, chilies, sugar, salt and seasoning.

The fish meat is shredded or crushed, and mixed with toasted rice, ginger, sugar, salt and seasoning. Hashed fish meat is rolled into small ones with chili slice and stargooseberry leaves. At last, they are wrapped in banana leaves and tied with wire. One day later, NEM is ready for eating.

Ms. MEX informs that buyers can book her NEM by telephone: 011 925 474 by at least one or two days in advance. She also provides distribution service to the hotel where customers stay in Kratie Town and to Phnom Penh by bus or taxi.

Buying Cambodian products is the best way to help promote and
enhance Cambodian living standard!

Photos and article by Ms. Khat Laykim,
Khmer Product Promotion - KPP Team
December 06, 2005

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