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    soksabbaai children clothes :
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soksabbaai children clothes and pyjamas
Thank you for visiting this website. We are proud to be part of this Cambodian initiative, as we like to partner with other organisations in order to promote local Cambodian products.
If you want to have a look at the various soksabbaai designs, please go to pages 3 , 4 or 5.
Who we are...
As you might know, soksabbaai is a commonly used Cambodian greeting, meaning good health and happiness. Since March 2004, soksabbaai is also a non-profit training and income generating project, seeking to equip Cambodians to run a small tailoring business. As a result of this, soksabbaai is also the name of a collection of tasteful high quality clothes for young children.
Our products and services…
We focus on the following products and services:
  • Production and sales of the soksabbaai children clothes & pyjamas collection (age 1-7 years)
  • Production of small batches of baby, children and adults clothes, according to the designs of our customers
  • Providing training in all-round tailoring, including making new designs and patterns
Our customers…
At present our customers are:
  • Various retail shops in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap that sell our soksabbaai collection (see below)
  • Various retailers in Cambodia that have us produce their collection of clothes
  • Various soksabbaai sales outlets in The Netherlands and Switzerland
We are looking to find more soksabbaai sales outlets, both in- and outside of Cambodia. We are also looking for more designers that want to outsource their production of clothes to us. We are a reliable partner, and are used to meeting the high demands regarding quality and professionalism.
Sales outlets in Cambodia…
Phnom Penh:
  • Colours of Cambodia, Riverfront (Sisowath-underneath FCC building)
  • Jars of Clay, 100 m south of Russian market (street 135)
  • Cambodian Craft Cooperation (opposite Wat Phnom)
  • Songkhem Collection , opposite Toul Sleng (street 113)
Siem Reap:
  • Colours of Cambodia, Old market
Our suppliers…
All of our fabrics are bought in Cambodia. For our classic collection we use cotton/polyester that is woven by hand in the Cambodian countryside.
Our staff…
The soksabbaai staff works closely together in a small team. They are all trained on the job to become all-round tailors and are involved with other important disciplines as well, like purchase, administration, stock control and sales. Besides investing in our own staff, we also like to invest in other people. Therefore we partner with other organisations regarding training and outsourcing of our production.

Our ethics…
Living in a world full of exploitation and corruption, we highly value the wellbeing and development of our staff. We offer reasonable wages and fair working conditions. We offer training and encourage and help our staff to start their own business when appropriate. We like to cooperate with other people and organizations. Our aim is not make soksabbaai big and successful, but to empower Cambodian people.
Contact us…
We'd like to meet you! Please contact Eric on no. 012-1839030. We are happy to show you our training and production location at House No. #5B, street 612, Toul Kork, and/or discuss with you the options about working together. Of course you can also send an email to
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