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    Cambodian Suppliers    Profile of : Watthan Artisans - Cambodia

Watthan Artisans - Cambodia (WAC)

Buyers Information

Organizational Profile

Watthan Artisans - Cambodia (WAC) is a worker-run cooperative of Cambodian artisans with disabilities. It is a training and production based cooperative that train new students with disabilities in handicraft production and fine woodcarving. Our goal is to improve the living standard of people with disabilities in Cambodia through training and employment.

We are former students of Maryknoll - Wat Than Skills Training Center for Landmine and Polio Disabled in Phnom Penh. Maryknoll ran the Center in conjunction with the Ministry of Social Affairs, Labor, Vocational Training and Youth from 1991 through February of 2003. World Vision continued the program until May of 2004.

Since June 2004, the former students of Wat Than, now the staff and producers of WAC - formed an independent cooperative. Today, we are continually commitment to providing hope and empowerment to people with disabilities and to participating in the development of Cambodia. Therefore, we have changed our name to Watthan Artisans - Cambodia (WAC) to better reflect our mission. Click here to view our products


At WAC, we aim to increase the employment opportunities for and the independence of people with disabilities. We also support the Fair wages and benefits for Cambodian artisans with disabilities. In our cooperative, our profits are shared by the staff and producers and are re-invested in staff development and training. Furthermore, we aim to increase awareness surrounding people with disabilities and all the issues pertaining to them. At WAC we focus on our abilities rather than our disabilities. Click here to view our products

Current Production Capacity

Workshop: Currently we employ 10 producers in our Phnom Penh Tailoring workshop, including one teacher/ trainer and 3 wood carvers in carving workshop. Having all our producers work in the same workspace allows us to have better control over the level of quality and production.

Weekly Production Capacity*

Small Items under $4 (inc. post-it notes, key chains, etc)            &n bsp;     250 units

dium Items under $10 (inc. wallets, office goods)                         150 units

Large Items under $20 (including handbags, table set)            &n bsp;         100 units

*These figure indicate maximum production capacity. This estimate does not include time necessary to order or purchase raw materials. This will vary according to each buyer requirements.  All orders will be placed in the context of a current production schedule. Click here to view our products

Order Procedure

Initial Discussion: At the clients first contact we will be happy to have more information regarding the

§         Type of product you are interested in,

§         If you are a wholesale or retail business,

§         The quantity of product you may be interested in, and

§         Your deadlines for production.

At this information, we can begin to tailor a production package that would suit your requirements.

At this point you may like to order some sample products. If so, we follow the following procedure.

1)      Sample order acknowledgement. If you do not receive an email confirming the receipt of your sample order, it is likely there has been a communication problem and we may not have received the email. Under these circumstances, please resend your email.

2)      When the samples are ready, we send them via post (for example EMS) with an estimate for the total costs of the large order and costs of transport.

3)      On acceptance of the samples by the client and receipt of larger order, please place your larger order in the following format. Please send your orders outlining:

§         Stock Code (if known),

§         Product description,

§         Color/Cus tom (if any)

§         Unit Price, and

§         Total Price. 

We will reply with a pro forma invoice.  This is an informal invoice, sent by e-mail to confirm the details of your order (product names, quantities, colors, custom requirements, unit price and total costs), and to project our date of completion and shipment.  We also ask the client to nominate their international airport of choice.

NB: For small orders, EMS may be an alternative. It delivers door to door.  Click here to view our products

4)      Confirmation and deposit.  We ask the client to confirm the details of their order, and to transfer the payment to us.  After this, production begins.

5)      Shipment.  After delivery of the product to the shipper, we will fax you the following documents. These are required to retrieve the goods from the airport.

§         An itemized customs invoice (NOT your final invoice – do not pay on this invoice. This does not include the shipping charges),

§         A packing list for each box in the shipment,

§         A statement of materials and origin,

§         Any additional documentation (if any) that you’ve sent to us for your own customs bureau; and

§         An air waybill for the consignment. 

6) Final invoice.  We will fax you a final invoice 2-3 days after the goods have been sent.  At that time, please make arrangements for your final payment, and let us know when you’ve sent the transfer.

Researching Import regulations

It is the client’s responsibility to understand import regulations and duties in country of their products’ destination.  The client must enquire about import restrictions (if any), labeling requirements (if any), documentation and applicable duties to import for that particular destination. Investing time in this research will ensure that your import of products goes smoothly. 

With each order we provide: Click here to view our products

§         An itemized invoice. Each invoice states that the products are Handmade Cambodian craft goods”, distinguishes our products from garments (which often carries additional duty, quotas and labeling requirements) To state that products are “Made in Cambodia" may entitle the buyer to a lower duty assessment,

§         A packing list for each carton in the shipment, and

§         Statement of materials and origin. 


Air: Our most common system of shipment is airfreight. This system is fast, reliable and is possible to airfreight to any international airport within a few business days.  It is the responsibility of the buyer to retrieve the goods from that airport, clear them through customs, and transport them to their business. 

Sea: This system is suited to large quantities of good, as it is changes by the square meter.  Sea-freight can take as long a one month for delivery to port.

Promotional materials

We can supply brochures or a CD Rom catalogues and for the cost of reproduction.

Raw Material Information


§         The silk used by our organisation is an average of 90 cm wide.

§         Thread Count: Approx 27 threads per centimeter

§         Silk is available in plain or twill weave according to the buyer’s requirements.

§         The silk used to create our products is hand dyed and woven in Cambodia.

§         Some of the silk used in our products is the traditional Ikat-dyed, or “Hol” silk.

§         We can source plain silks in many different colors. We can work with you to design your own silks, however, this does require time, and investment. Please send us e-mail to find out more.

§         Colors: Please find a variety of colors available together with this document. Please note that due to screen representation, colors may appear differently on your screen. For specific colors you would like us to source, we are happy to do so, please send us samples of the colors and we will send the necessary swatches.

Means of payment

There are currently two reliable means of payment to Cambodia.   Click here to view our products

1) Bank-to-Bank transfers:  A wire direct to WAC account. When the transfer has taken place, please send us an e-mail to let us know.  This method with incur a flat fee of US$20.00

2) Western Union: Through this system is also reliable, however, the fees are high for non-members, and they do not currently accept Cambodian members. However, if your business is considering regular trade in Cambodia, it may be worthwhile to consider becoming a Western Union member. Each transfer requires the client to fax the transfer receipt to WAC, including the password used for that transaction.

International Bank Transfers

To transfer US dollar funds please provide the following information to your own bank.

Pay to:                          Cambodia Commercial Bank, Phnom Penh

            ;              ;            26 Monivong Blvd

PO Box 95

Sangkat Phsar Thmei II

Khan Daun Penh

Phnom Penh



*IBAN not available in Cambodia

For the Account of:    Account Name: TRY SUPHEARAC

Account #: 800-03-2-20318-1

Beneficiary Name:      Mr. Try Suphearac

(Please contact your bank for further information). 


Team Leader: Try Suphearac

Phone: 023 216 321

Mobile: 012 929 931

Email:  and

Street Address:
Wat Than Pagoda

#180 Norodom Boulevard

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

We encourage e-mail communication.

Export Terms and Conditions

1           &nb sp;        *Orders received must be accompanied by 50% deposit of the total cost of order. New buyers will make a payment of 75% in advance of shipping. Images of products can be made available prior to shipping if required. Remainders of payment are due up to 30 days after receipt of products.

2           &nb sp;        Freight and shipping charges are the cost of the buyer.

3           &nb sp;        Certificate of Origin can be supplied only on large orders.

4           &nb sp;        Buyers wishing to have their own label on their products must supply WAC with sufficient labels and details of label location. Labels must be available to WAC before production begins.

5           &nb sp;        **Exclusivity of sale is valid for the original country of origin only. WAC reserves the rights to sell the products to other countries. 

6           &nb sp;        WAC is responsible for providing the products in good condition and the following paperwork at the time of shipment:

§         An itemized customs invoice (NOT your final invoice – do not pay on this invoice. This does not include the shipping charges),

§         A packing list for each box in the shipment,

§         A statement of materials and origin,

§         Any additional documentation (if any) that you’ve sent to us for your own customs bureau; and

§         An air waybill for the consignment.

7           &nb sp;        ***Cambodia silk is hand dyed and hand woven. Colors chosen will be as close to original shade as possible. Any differences are due to the nature of the dyes available in Cambodia.

8           &nb sp;        ****Timing of order: We request that our buyers place their order MINIMUM ONE MONTH  in advance.

*Terms of payment

§         Terms for first export orders: 75% deposit when the order is placed, and 25% within 30 days after receipt of products. 

§         Terms for following export orders: 50% deposit when the order is placed, and 50% within 30 days after receipt of products.

§         Clients who use bank-to-bank transfer will incur an additional $20 bank fee.  This cost is the responsibility of the client. Buyer is required to pay for bank transfer. This is a flat fee, regardless of the amount of money being transferred.   Click here to view our products

Shipping fee will be added to the final invoice.

**Design Exclusivity

To secure an exclusive import arrangement, we require a guaranteed regular order for that item. Under these circumstances, we will not allow any product developed by one particular buyer to be sold to any other buyer, unless specified to do so by the original designer/buyer. However, in the context of the marketplace, we cannot guarantee that once available in the market place, others will respect your exclusivity.  Furthermore, if the client decides not to market that particular product any more, WAC retains the right to sell that design to other buyers.

***Silk and color

For large orders or in a unique colors- required a lead-time of one month. Weaver needs 2-3 weeks to set up loom/to color specifications and then several weeks to do the actual weaving prior to shipment.

****Timing of Orders


This time generally permits for planning, sourcing of raw materials and production. Also, this way we have the opportunity to develop and maintain our production schedule. This is particularly important  at the end of the year. For this reason we request our buyers to place their orders for end of the year/Christmas from mid-October through mid-November.

As Cambodia celebrates a series of major holidays towards the end of the year, it is imperative to timely delivery of your order that you place your orders early enough for us to complete them. This allows us to schedule your production in advance.  With each order we receive, we will send you a projected date of completion and shipment.  Production time takes into account orders currently in production.            

As WAC invests its money in people, not in inventory, we do not hold great quantities of stock. Currently, we do have a small amount of stock from previous years designs. If you would like to know more about these designs, please let us know.

Many thanks! We look forward to hearing from you soon.  Click here to view our products

Please visit our shop at:
Address : 180 Norodom Blvd, Tonle Basac, Khan Chamkar Morn, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Web Site :

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