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  Khmer Grape Wine
Amatak Prasat Phnom Banorn Grape Wine by Chan Thay Chhoeung
Better Food for Better Lives, Instant Noodles Chicken Flavour by IRD
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Kheang Kheang Fruit Juice 

Manufacturer Kheang Kheang Fruit Juice becomes well-known in Cambodia in terms of good quality and delicious taste. Try our products, you will appreciate...


Cambodia Modern Rattan Cambodia Modern Rattan shop is a good place for you to select your home furnitures...

Tel:855 11 947 882

CEDAC Khmer farmer's products especially, organic rice and vegetables are available at our shopping store...

Tel:(855)-12 431 567 or (855)-23 994 257

Rachana Souvenir Whole sale and retail silver handicraft, silver souvenir, silver jewelry, antique silver, brown, gold, wood, silk by Cambodians

Tel:(855) 23 211 290, 12 615 184

Banteaysrey Rachana2 Welcome lady and gentle man....

Confirel proposes a wide range of fine products. From harvest to the manufactured product, Confirel follows a natural process.

Tel:(855) 23 890 063

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