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  Khmer Kam Chroch
That may sound frightening, but this are not like the missiles that kill people, because it is when Cambodians organize special ceremonies...
  Rajana Association Cambodian Art & Crafts
is an income generation and skill training project that was started in 1995 by the British International NGO...
   Cambodian Supplier List:
Nell's Gallery Welcome

Tel:(855)-12 617 218

Cam-Paint We join hands together to build cambodia to be a beautiful country

Tel:023 885 657

Chariya Handicraft Chariya is a small scale business enterprise employing women with physical disabilities or vulnerable backgrounds...

Tel:(855)-23 220

Angkor Wat Gem and Arts Souvenir Shop Collection of Statues and Silks

Tel:(855)-12 630 789 / (855)-63 964 698

Disabled Artisans' Silk Handicrafts

Tel:(855)-12 633 938

Foundation to Help the Poor These pepercorns are a product of Kampot province, considered among the finest in the workd with a unique and intense taste.

Tel:(855)-12 660 712

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